Woocommerce 3.0.8. fix release notes

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De WooCommerce 3.0.7 fix release is nu beschikbaar. U kan het downloaden via  WordPress.org of automatisch downloaden  via het administrate panel.~46 verbeteringen zijn verwerkt in deze update. Lees de volledige changelog.

* Fix – Include multi-dimensional array support in oAuth1.0.
* Fix – Stock/backorder notice when stock management is disabled.
* Fix – Handle shipping item taxes if set to avoid the legacy fallback.
* Fix – Variations should inherit purchase_note from parent.
* Fix – Check if subtotal is blank, not empty, before setting for order items.
* Fix – Cancelled email should be send for processing orders, not pending.
* Fix – Missing variable in legacy API.
* Fix – Correct price query when on a post type archive.
* Fix – Missing $ip Variable in geolocation class.
* Fix – A single multi-word attribute is fine for variation titles.
* Fix – Gallery should be updated even if empty in REST API.
* Fix – Fix saving of text attributes with special chars.
* Fix – Undefined index warning when saving variations with stock management disabled.
* Fix – Use meta id instead of key in WC_Order_Item::offsetGet.
* Fix – Format parent stock qty on read.
* Fix – Hide replies from recent reviews widgets.
* Fix – Use formatted weight and dimensions for variations.
* Fix – Ensure we have child before getting price to fix a notice in grouped products.
* Fix – Fixed unicode characters when saving webhook delivery logs.
* Fix – Avoid deprecated ID in legacy API.
* Fix – Add correct args to woocommerce_shipping_zone_method_deleted and woocommerce_shortcode_products_query hooks.
* Fix – Correctly append cache in product widget.
* Fix – Add ability to invalidate cache by object ID.
* Fix – Notice in structured data class.
* Fix – Only delete if an object has an ID in CRUD to avoid wp_delete_post using global ID.
* Fix – Avoid notices on checkout by ensuring all legacy data is correctly set.
* Fix – Add failed to processing event for the processing email.
* Fix – Store user ID and use that to determine if the session should be loaded or not. Ensures user data is correct and shipping calculator data is stored.

Bron: Develop WooCommerce

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