WooCommerce 3.1.1 fix release notes

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De WooCommerce 3.1.1 fix release is nu beschikbaar. U kan het downloaden via  WordPress.org of automatisch downloadenDe WooCommerce 3.1.1 fix release is nu beschikbaar. U kan het downloaden via  WordPress.org of automatisch downloaden via het administrate panel.~50 verbeteringen zijn verwerkt in deze update. Lees de volledige changelog.

* Fix – Product importer: fixed handling of non UTF8 characters in descriptions.
* Fix – Product importer: Allow times in date fields.
* Fix – Product exporter: fixed meta data checkbox option.
* Fix – Helper: Styling and connect button in non-english languages.
* Fix – Tweak terms and conditions template to check for disallowed shortcodes.
* Fix – Fixed order helper queries when before_date and after_date args are both, corrected use of “paged”, and corrected use of filters.
* Fix – Gallery; Trigger resize after main image loads to ensure correct gallery size.
* Fix – Prevent extra slashes being added to meta values when using the CRUD.
* Fix – Appends “where” clauses in the comment feed to prevent a notice.
* Fix – Fixed structured data output for variable product prices.
* Fix – 3.x issue: Changed state validation logic to work for MX states.
* Fix – 3.x issue: 7day reports should start from midnight, not the current time.
* Fix – 3.x issue: Status changes made by admin should be marked as a manual in the order notes.
* Fix – 3.x issue: Allow unsetting product shipping class in REST API.
* Fix – 3.x issue: Corrected error handling in zones shippingMethodView.
* Tweak – Avoid CloudFlare email obfuscation in admin.
* Tweak – Improved detection of DOING_AUTOSAVE in admin meta box code.
* Tweak – Improved my-account redirects and fallbacks.
* Tweak – Add cart_subtotal to the shipping package so prices are recalculated when needed.
* Dev – Add search_customers() filter in customer data store.
* Dev – Product exporter: woocommerce_product_export_skip_meta_keys filter to control what gets exported.
* Dev – Pass correct value to woocommerce_shipping_classes_save_class when inserting a new term

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